Marilyn Monroe used to say "diamonds are girls' best friends" and I totally agree with her. But not only diamonds could be girls' best friends...all natural stones could help women to feel unique... All my handmade jewels are unique pieces, made with love and attention to details...because every woman deserves to feel unique. She could wear only a jewel and feel so beautiful and charming, as Marilyn used to do with her famous perfume.



maralovesjewels story:

Behind maralovesjewels there is me: Mariagrazia Stellino. I'm a young sicilian jewelry designer. After my graduation at the University of Fashion, Arts and Entertainment in Palermo, I started to make jewels by myself, just for fun at first. Day by day, jewels became a deep passion and I decided to study the goldsmith's art. I live everyday among jewels, trying to catch inspiration from nature, animals, people, different cultures than mine, colors. My jewels are an explosion of colors, they're sparkling, they're alive, they remind Sicilian sea, Sicilian fields full of flowers and so colored. Inside all my jewels there's my Sicily, my warm homeland. And I'm inside all of them!