A passion for traditions, harmony and uniqueness.

Born and raised in Sicily, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Mariagrazia Stellino had a passion for traditions and ancient cultures since early childhood. She grew up with her grandparents' stories of Sicily, learning of ancestors past.

Inspired by her visceral passion for the art of ballet,which she studied since the age of 5, she weaves powerful lines blended with movement and grace. 

After the graduation, in 2008, in Fashion and Design, with a theoretical and practical thesis about "Red Coral and its Traditions", Mariagrazia worked in a fine jewelry factory as a wax carver first and as a cad designer after. But the recall from craftwork and manual arts was too loud. So in 2009, curious and fascinated by the marvellous world of jewelry, with the help of a goldsmith, good friend of her family, Mariagrazia started to dabble in the goldsmithing arts and decided to open her modest workshop and gallery in her hometown. She's been a business owner, an original designer, a creative goldsmith since 2013.

In 2014 Mariagrazia founded Stellino Jewels and she continues to handcraft jewels to worship the uniqueness of every woman.



Mariagrazia is wearing one of her creations: Red Passion.

Mariagrazia is wearing one of her creations: Red Passion.